Our Projects

At Elite Construcciones S.L. we are bringing our expertise and expanding into the UK construction market,
some examples of our work can be found in the projects shown here:

Local Projects

Keighley – Tarmacing and Pavement

As roads and pavements often deteriorate, it’s essential to ensure they are maintained this is why we had been contracted to carry out a project for the Keighley residents. With over 30 years of experience within this field it was not an unreasonable request but rest assured that we had carried out all protocols and the residents had been pleased with the results. More over the clients knowing that we had been (CHAS) certified allowed them to feel at ease, as they knew the work carried out would and had  been to the highest of standards of health and safety. 

The portfolio on display shows the meticulous work carried out by our team ranging from the early stages and final stages taken of the project. With the preliminary photos showing the damaged pavements and roads and the final pictures revealing the new tarmac. hard margins, rumble strips and road narrowing taken in place to make the final product not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Dewsbury – Concreting

Problems arise without the correct foundation, thus be the reason for why Dewsbury residents had contacted ourselves to carry out the laying of the correct foundations for their new build. The projects portfolio displays key moments within the build ranging from the correct foundation walls being created and the input of insulation for the waterproofing of the build and the final stage being the laying of the 75m concrete slab. Rest assured that the clients were happy with the end result.

Other Projects

MEGPL – Equatorial Guinea

Elite Construcciones had an important responsibility partaking in the gas backfill project by Noble/MEGPL, the main goal of the project  had been providing ‘Alen gas’ by the end of 2020 to firms and businesses with Equatorial Guinea. As part of the LNG2 Africa project, the work had included other firms and Elite Construcciones conducting the utilisation of geotechnical drilling and site investigations, soil testing, foundation works and much more for the incoming pipeline.

Clients we have worked with