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Community Involvement

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Working with the local Community to ensure a sustainable future for all.

Community Projects

Having recently moved into the UK market we are always looking for ways we can work with the community to lessen the impact of our construction work. Elite also has a history of helping give back to the local community and a keen awareness of the environmental impact construction work can cause.

Working alongside the community, a significant project we’ve undertaken is the LNG & RECYCLING project working alongside the ministry of mines and Hydrocarbons for Equatorial Guinea. The main aim of the project is to transport Liquid Natural Gas which will then be processed through the regasification plant, thus allowing the gas to be distributed through to local cement plants and also a number of LNG power stations. Benefitting the community by delivering environmentally friendly energy.

To conclude the burning of natural gases shows substantially better environmental impacts rather than using certain fossil fuels, and when combusted the quantity of carbon dioxide is significantly lower than burning other fossil fuels. Thus, making Natural gas as the cleanest burning fossil fuel of the modern century.

School Project

Within Elite, we understand that there are different types of needs within the education sector. Elite offers to work with schools to provide the local community with the education that they deserve. The premises built will offer facilities needed for essential learning, from classrooms to school playgrounds. Elite ensures that local communities will benefit from this development as the main priority is the future generation for Elite Construcciones U.K (LTD).

Here are a few schools we’ve worked alongside.

  • Basakato Oeste College 
  • Santo Tomas de Aquino Semu School
  • Misha Ebibeyin School  
Gift Giving 2019

Elite Construcciones had visited Hospital General De Malabo del. The reason for this had been  as a company we wanted to ensure that we had been giving back towards the local community. Visiting the hospital has allowed us to converse with the younger generation as they are our future but also deliver gifts and goods to support the children and parents within the facility.